Agender Oil x NOTO

$ 38.00

The perfect harmony between strong and soft. The Agender Oil from NOTO can be used anywhere: hair + body. This oil acts dually as a soothing body + hair oil and scent. Pump oil into palms and rub onto your legs, pubic, underarms, face, head, anywhere hair, and body. 

Product Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil (rich in omega fatty acids that promote hair growth), Vetiver Oil (anti-inflammatory, smokey scent), and Lavender Oil (calming, soft sent). 

 2 oz.

NOTO is a uni-sexy, multi-use,  minimal essential full body cosmetic line. Packed with only the finest natural & organic ingredients coming from nature - giving you real results. Vegan & Cruelty free. Hand made by Gloria Noto with love. Agender Oil is Noto's first non-profit product. 100% of profits will go towards rotating social, cultural, and environmental causes. 

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