Your Wise Body Zine

$ 10.00

Your Wise Body Zine by Maribeth Helen Keane


This zine is dedicated to my body; to holding space and learning to love by surrendering everything I thought I knew about healing, about being alive, about what it is to be a human in a body living right now. 

It is dedicated to the plants, through which I have always found a path back to my home within - my heart. 

It is dedicated to the trees, who taught me how to listen. And to the ocean, who reminds me of the wisdom that resides in my darkest depths.

It is dedicated to all of you who show up every day with curiousity, openness, and fierce love for your human self. I see you, I honor you, we are doing big work.

This zine is a sharing of reflections, poems, and herbal wisdom that came in the midst of transition. A letting go. An opening. An unfolding. A moving across the country and moving into my body. A reintegration of learning how to listen to my body, to hold space for healing - these pages are a way for me to share some of my experiences with you, in hopes that it might connect some threads within this wild tapestry we’re weaving as humans, together. 

Maribeth Helen is a folk herbalist, medicine maker, and writer living in Oakland, California. She believes in self care as a radical, necessary medicine and the amazing ability of the plants to guide us towards our innate wisdom to heal ourselves and our communities.