So Emotional Studs by While Odin Sleeps

$ 40.00

Words from Lauren, the lady behind While Odin Sleeps;

I once had a rough day so I bought roses and made earrings to wear them (a little aroma therapy I suppose). And I want to share them!
There are 2 sizes, the ones shown that can fit average sized roses (or mini bouquets!) and a slightly smaller pair for thinner flowers.
You can simply insert any flower (or flowers) of your choosing from the bottom, and since the stem is tapered it actually just wedges in there quite nicely. I wore them all day and the roses didn’t even budge! You can also wrap a rubber band around any flower stem if they’re a little too small.
They’re comfortable, light and versatile! Each pair is made of brass with silver posts and backings.

Hey babe!

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