Rosemary Peppermint Eucalyptus Deodorant x Quiet Cricket Studio

$ 12.00

All natural and as strong as you are, this deodorant fights bacteria and leaves your underarms nourished with vitamin rich, creamy ingredients. This is not an antiperspirant. It lets your pores breathe and cleanse themselves, while keeping you smelling like yourself with the help of a few delightful plants.

Baking soda is the strongest natural ingredient for deodorant. It serves to prevent bacteria growth in the first place by altering the pH of your underarm skin. Our Active deodorant has the maximum baking soda content-- farmer tested and approved.


Quiet Cricket Studio founder Hannah Armstrong was raised in southern Louisiana, where she reveled in the outdoors. She traveled the western United States, working on a variety of permaculture and holistic farms. This inspired a deeper study into plants, and the ways in which people interact with them. Working with botanists, farmers, and makers of all sorts has given her a diverse base from which to grow her own practice.

Working with her hands has always been important, just as creating and playing have been. Combining her passions, the objects she’s created within Quiet Cricket Studio are all natural, responsibly sourced, and handcrafted.


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