Ritual Union Rose Water

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A holistic sensual mist for everyday use & a hydrating antioxidant toner, helpful for restoring skin's PH balance, while absorbing excess oils without causing dryness.The high vitamin C content evokes a vibrant & youthful complexion. Anti-inflammatory & cooling, clearing to blemishes, soothing to sensitive & aging skin, calming, & gently detoxifying. Use as toner. Mix with mask. Mist throughout the day for a cleansing dewy glow. Perfect post sweat or summer spritz. Rose water is supportive to the emotional, spiritual, & physical wellness and we recommend using it when you feel called to. Rose water will welcome you into the moment, to find your breathe and meet yourself just as you are. Rose encourages heart qualities such as peace, compassion, forgiveness, & sensuality. It is softening & cooling to anger and firey imbalances. Rose hydrosol may also cleanse & calm acne, flares, sunburn, eczema, & rosecea.

Skin Care Routine Recommendation: Apply after face is cleansed, before applying moisturizer and after to even out and more deeplyrub in your moisturizer.

Organic Ingredients: Dried Roses & Water Distilled in Copper Alembic via Alchemical process ~ 2 oz. Spray

Ritual Union is based out of Austin, Texas and founded by herbalist and yoga instructor Brandi Jo Perkins. Ritual Union offers herbal skin care, tinctures, and formulas made intuitively and respectfully. All creations pursued with care.

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