La Abeja Herbs Pink Yarrow Flower Essence

$ 22.00

Pink Yarrow [Achillea millefolium] is an excellent flower essence for healers or people who work in fields where they are immersed in other peoples' energies-- nurses, teachers, bar tenders, etc. Pink Yarrow allows one to hold loving, compassionate, and empathetic space for others while maintaining their energetic boundaries and not taking on the emotions of the other person.

Also incredibly helpful for those who internalize their environment and the feelings of those around them, leaving them depleted and confused. Pink Yarrow brings us back in touch with the essential human need to nourish oneself before offering one's gifts to the world. Reminds us that meeting our own needs has to come first or all that we give to others will be coming from a place of emptiness.

 La Abeja Herbs apothecary products are made by hand, in small batches, with formulas that are elegantly simple and remarkable effective. Based in Austin, Texas.