La Abeja Apothecaria physical booklet

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Nature is generous; its medicines, uncomplicated. The hours and minutes spent carefully conjuring a remedy with your own two hands, using only what the Earth offers freely, is an alchemical process of healing all its own.  To then be able to share the fruits of this labor and bear witness to the growing health and vitality of those you hold dear, is surely one of life's greatest rewards. This enchanting eighteen page booklet provides an inspiring yet simple introduction to doing just that.  Within these pages you'll find a stirring introduction to the world of folk herbalism and the magic of at home medicine making.  Also contained within are guidelines for making medicine in accordance with the phases of the Moon, tips for connecting with the wild plants in your area, thoughts on the best times to harvest, and a step by step guide for conjuring a number of herbal preparations. Includes detailed and easy to follow instructions for making herbal oils, salves and ointments, folkloric tinctures, infused vinegars and wines, herbal infusions and decoctions, and medicinal honeys.