Brown Bear Herbs True To You Filtered Herbal Cigarette

Brown Bear Herbs True To You Filtered Herbal Cigarette

$ 14.00

12 filtered cigarettes per pack. The filter is high flow and made from cellulose (wood fiber). The papers are a mix of flax and hemp fibers.

The plant allies in this blend do a great job of supporting social smokers. If you find that you only smoke when out with friends or after drinking or partaking in other substances then True to You could be your new best friend. Smoke me when you're going out on the town, feeling shy, or if you are thinking about breaking a promise to yourself, try a True to You first. These are helpful for people with multiple addictions.

Organic and/or wildcrafted herbs: California Poppy, Yerba Santa, Violet and Mullein.

This blend contains the same ingredients as "Integrity" blend.

Stuffed with love in Portland, OR.

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