Brown Bear Herbs Sexy Smokes

$ 18.00

 This pack of cigarettes is made with love and inspiration. Each blend contains herb(s) to protect your lungs. The cigarettes are rolled in hemp paper, with hemp crutches. Each crutch has an inspiring message written on it. This is a pack of 10 rolled cigarettes.

All herbs are organic or wildcrafted.

10 pack

Sexy Smokes: Damiana, blackberry leaf, hibsicus, rose, mullein. A pleasure smoke. Damiana has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and some have described it as a buzz similar to marijuana. Rose, hibiscus and blackberry bring help give a grounded sensuality. 

*This purchase supports wildlife & natural habitats!

Brown Bear Herbs is created and run by herbalist Arati Ursus. Making herbal/medicinal chocolates, cigarettes and herbal teas is a joy. An herbalist for the last several years and a dreamer since she was a child, Arati brings herbal combinations out of dreamtime. Diversity is playful and healthy. Brown Bear encourages you to get to know the amazing variety of plant life that share Earth as a home. Made in Portland, Oregon by fairly paid workers using positive intention, all the goodies on this site are created with care and respect.



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