Amaterasu Artisan Soap and Old Factory X Ritual Union

$ 10.00

A beautiful & seasonal Handmade Soap with Shitake, Sake, Seaweed, White Mulberry, Pink Peppercorns, Poppy Seeds, Vetiver, Black Pepper, Pine, Pennyroyal, Vitamin E, Camilia Seed Oil, Olive, Coconut, Flax Seed, & Shea Butter ~ 4 oz bar

"Retreat into the Spring that's fed in your Cave. Feel the Mulberries beneath your Feet. Lay your Head down on Vetiver Roots. Breath in the Breeze that flows through the Pines. Gaze at the Mushroom that grows in the Moss. Sip Sake & think of the Sea. Imagine that you are the Sun."

This blend was inspired by the inner sun which it always accessible, the feeling that comes from rooting and grounding and pouring love into the earth, & autumn hearth scent. Mulberries + Shitake + Sake brighten and even skin tone while Seaweed + Camilia Seed Oil deeply nourish with nutrients & hydrate. So pleased to offer this bar as it has been a long time desire to work with these ancient spa secrets together.