Flower essences are remedies for transformation.  Gentle as they are, there is no preparation -- herbal or otherwise -- with a greater power to uplift and instruct the human Heart and Spirit.  The most opportune moment for beginning work with any new plant ally is surely on the New Moon -- the time of possibility from which all Life flows.  Each New Moon holds within its span, a precious space to set intentions and lay a foundation for that which you wish to invoke.  In this spirit, we invite you to join us around each New Moon for an evening of Plant Magic with Sophia Rose Burns of La Abeja Herbs. Sophia Rose will be offering brief flower essence consultations at the shop on every month around the new moon from 7 to 9 pm.  Each will begin with a clearing smudge, followed by time to share your story and identify the threads of your path wishing to be woven into new form.  You'll leave the session with custom one ounce flower essence formulated to support you in walking the path that is uniquely your own.  Sessions last twenty minutes and cost only $30. Contact us by phone (512.524.0166) or email ( to reserve yours today and let the magic begin...


Brandi Perkins will be giving a tea consultations at Charm School Vintage on the night of the full moon, Sunday, the 24th of January.  She is a practicing herbalist in Austin, TX. and the creator of the herbal line Ritual Union.  

Individual consultations are $30 for 20 minutes. Time slots start from 7-9pm. Bring an intention, a concern, an ambition, an obstacle, a longing, a request, a symptom, a yearning, a trouble, a woe, a blow, a desire for healing.  What you need will surface. You will leave with a parallel: custom blend of tea that should last you a full moon cycle and some kind and loving guidance. 

Tea Consultations are a grounded approach to guiding one’s self to homeostasis. Water is the first medicine. Placing herbs into water and creating tea infusions sets a tone for ritual, intention, and reflection. While easing the body by taking a moment to partake in a conscious understanding of the healthy desire for healing, i.e. taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea, the body is gently encouraged into new patterns. Natural shifts may happen and rehabilitation occurs. 

As our mind quiets and our body listens, “we” as entire united ecosystems, open, listen, and communicate better as the messages of the herbs are profoundly bridged throughout our entire being.  Feeling relationship to the plants is an important aspect in finding harmony, and when we find ways to relate to our experiences, magic happens. 

These Tea Consultations are for finding balance, strength, and homeostasis. During the darkest time of the year, self-care is imperative and taking time to make space within times of rest can bring warmth and restoration so that when busyness comes, we are more capable of diving into and dancing to its rhythms and flowing into the buzz of all of it— the bees, the blossoms, and you know what I mean.  

Ritual Union spawned from the practice of Ritual and Alchemy, uniting the self and the elements as one. When we surrender to the whole in the process of Ritual or Alchemy, our self generates power from our own internal resources. Herbs are a significant catalyst for connection.  A natural chemical romance occurs when we introduce medicine into our body with deep intention. The plants assist our intention and manifest harmonious possibilities.  

The herbs are a subtle force of science and magic. Much of our independent life depends on choice and lifestyle–reflections can open ourselves to higher ways of being and healthy aspirations.  The plants who aide may help along our intentions, healing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease. Intention is one of the most crucial elements of generating healthy change through herbal medicine. When administered wisely and taken with conscious intention, the practice of using herbs as medicine can rebalance the body at the core level. 

Make time and take care of yourself.


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