Spirit Weaver Tincture x La Abeja Herbs

Spirit Weaver Tincture x La Abeja Herbs

$ 26.00

A formula to nourish, soften, and bring unwavering resilience to the feminine Spirit. With herbs and fower essences included to embody Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects of the Self—the Spirit Weaver brings you deeply in touch with the gifts of the archetypal feminine journey and your own Sacred Path in this Lifetime. This formula aids in healing the wounds we take on as Women of this time and culture, and replaces any sense of powerlessness or unworthiness with the pure Truth and Beauty that is your essence.

The Spirit Weaver formula offers the empowerment necessary to do the work you came into this Life to do; to sing the song and forge the path that is uniquely your own. Helpful in moments when you feel unequal to the task at hand, find that you are comparing yourself to others, or are simply feeling the weight and intensity of the Earth's sorrow. In times such as these, this formula is a reminder of the Path of Beauty which you came here to walk, and to share with others for the healing of the Earth and all her Children.

La Abeja Herbs apothecary products are made by hand, in small batches, with formulas that are elegantly simple and remarkable effective. Based in Austin, Texas.

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