Selenite and Palo Santo Bundle x Catherine Rising

Selenite and Palo Santo Bundle x Catherine Rising

$ 18.00

A beautiful bundle for your or someone special. This Catherine Rising Bundle contains a selenite wand, two Palo Santo sticks, a sprig of yarrow ,and marsh-rosemary, bundled up in vintage ribbon. Each piece is one of a kind. Size and color varies.

Palo Santo is a sacred wood that is believed to have smoke with both medicinal and therapeutic healing power, plus it smells amazing! Selenite brings radiance and harmony through all cycles of life. It creates a safe, uplifting environment and protects from outside negativity. They are also prized healers for purification.

Catherine Rising is a Brooklyn-based curator of meaningful home goods and gifts. Each product is either made right in her studio or sourced from local female farmers and artisans nearby. 


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