Filtered Five Pack Herbal Cigarette Sampler x Brown Bear Herbs

Filtered Five Pack Herbal Cigarette Sampler x Brown Bear Herbs

$ 7.00

The new filtered five pack! Try one of each of the following our blends. All herbs are organic or wildcrafted. The front of the insert contains the color code so you know which is which. The back tells you the intention or use behind each blend.

Take it Easy: Lobelia, Catnip, Skullcap, Rose, Mullein. Herbs in this blend have been traditionally used to quit smoking and ease the nervous discomforts that can be experienced during nicotine withdrawal. It can also be helpful for headaches and relaxing physically.

True to You: California Poppy, Yerba Santa, Violet and Mullein. Herbs in this blend can be helpful for social smokers. Gives support for fallen leaders, groupies, addictive tendencies, and can help wallflowers join the fun. Can be used as an alternative to standard cigarettes, other drugs or just for fun.

Gentle and Protective: Raspberry Leaf, Mullein, and Lavender. Can be helpful alternative to traditional smokes for people who use tobacco for it's protective properties. A smoking blend to promote a quiet, soothed spirit. It has a lovely smell.

Sexy Smokes: Damiana, blackberry leaf, hibsicus, rose, mullein. A pleasure smoke. Damiana has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. Rose, hibiscus and blackberry bring help give a grounded sensuality.

Clear Mind: Gotu Kola, Spearmint, Linden, Mullein. This blend is our lightest smoke with a hint of mint. The mint is felt more than tasted. This blend is intended to clear and calm the mind so you are prepared for rest or action.

Stuffed with love from Portland, OR.

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