Annabel Lee



I’m obsessed with my eyelash extensions, but the last time I went to Blink Beauty to get a fill, I became obsessed with something else: series of space age femme fatale double exposed Polaroids on display by my good friend Devaki Knowles! It’s no secret that Devaki does the best photo booth in town, but I had no idea that her playful fine art photos were so out of sight. We decided to get together to try out some new techniques, and ended up with a series of pictures that’s pure Poe. Thanks so much to Alanna Loosen for assisting and loaning us her wolf (!!!), Erin Freeman for her beautiful otherworldly makeup, and Vera Claeys for her otherworldly beauty.

Here’s the behind the scenes shots, with more of my Instax and Davi’s Polaroids to come.