Mad about Hattie



Call me biased, but I love me a redheaded lady. I’ve already shot with some of the foxiest redheads in town (Lauryn Holmquist and Alex Gehring, are your ears burning?), but last week I got to work with the beautiful Hattie Watson and (my favorite!) the amazing Davis Ayer. Maybe it’s small town Texas charm, but this girl was as sweet and easy going as they come and I can’t wait to work with her again. We didn’t really have a plan for the day’s shoot, so we took a few pictures in Davis’s room and then hit the road…

What a sweetheart.

And also, stone cold fox.

Somehow, the first place we ended up was this traveling carnival…

Everyone’s a winner!

Luckily, Hattie was just tall enough to ride alone.

One shot in front of the slide…

…and then back out without so much as a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

Call us traditional, but this field of wildflowers seemed a better fit.

We caught the last few rays of sunlight.

Just like a little fawn.

Love this peach silk slip from the 1940′s with Hattie’s red hair…

That’s all from me! xoxox

I started a tumblr to keep better track of the photographer’s images. Check it out to see Davis’ GORGEOUS photos from this shoot!