FEV behind the scenes: Lauren



Last week’s Femme et velo shoot couldn’t have fallen on a more beautiful day. Sunny and 70 degrees, I won’t ever complain about Januaries like this… perfect weather to drive into the country for a photographic field trip. Our latest model is the lovely Lauren, a recent transplant from New Orleans with witchy style in spades. We swung by her house to pick up some extra earrings (check out the beautiful turquoise-beaded hoops that she made herself) and her room was a treasure trove of tribal jewels, antique coin necklaces, and Art Nouveau colliers. Lucky for all of us, she’s working on an online collection of vintage clothing and house goods to share that fantastic taste. She was such a gorgeous model, I can’t wait to see how all the rest of the photos from FEV turn out!


Meet Lauren.

Mike Andrick

Zach Hunt

Let’s get this show on the road!

Sante Fe sweater (s) $34

Lovely lapis necklace and white cotton crop top SOLD, Sufi maxi wrap skirt (o/s) $44

Tannin blouse (o/s) $38 and Crushed Grapes bells (s) $48


Amethyst crochet maxi dress (s) $58

Mystic mini (s) SOLD and Full Circle leather belt $46

I have an announcement to make.

At the end of our shoot, Zach and Mike finally eloped and are now on their honeymoon. They’re going to be real busy raising  a family of photogenic, chambray-wearing cycling enthusiasts, so this is the final FEV shoot. Congratulations, boys!  This isn’t the end, it’s really just the beginning.